Transforming your business idea
into a winning plan

Let’s face it, it’s not easy for a new product or service to gain traction in the current noisy overcrowded marketplace. Your big idea will not sell itself. You need a solid plan, well thought out, to turn your dream into a path to profit.

Let me be your secret weapon to transform your vision into reality.
Your extra dose of brainpower

I will help you to fuel your market growth, by putting into contribution my strategic mindset and my 20 years of business experiences to think, build and market your big idea.

I will work with you, behind the scenes, scrutinizing your strategy, extracting the gold and tying together the plan that will blow away investors and customers.

Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference. 

Getting it right the first time is crucial,
as the market rarely gives
you a second chance.
My Services

With my strategic thinking skills, I will help you to create effective plans with a solid story and convincing numbers that will pique the interest of the readers and incite them to jump in. I will dissect your business DNA, make sure to highlight how it is unique, clarify why your customers should do business with you and most importantly, why investors should bet on your big idea.

Business Plan
Market Analysis
Go-to-Market Strategy
The Value of My Work

At its core, my work is about finding clarity, discovering new opportunities, and rethinking strategy as a path to profit. Commitment, transparency and trust are the base of my values. I will play an active role in steering the project, challenging assumptions and asking a lot of questions. Bringing new perspectives is my signature and your key to success.

Here’s a short list of industries and markets I have covered during the past years.

  • Technology – Health & Wellness App 
  • Manufacturing – Sustainable Energy 
  • Media – Magazines, Newspapers & TV
    (Canada – Brazil)
  • Services – Leadership Institute 
  • Saas Software – Smart Scheduling
  • Food Industry – Restaurant Chain
    (Switzerland – Canada – Costa Rica)
Let me help you
to be a forward thinker

Having a well-designed blueprint for your business helps you to keep the focus, align everybody and give you the confidence that you can achieve your goals. Sometimes, strategic thinking deserves an extra dose of brainpower. So, when do we start?

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