What I’m good at

My entrepreneurial roots and spirit brought me to focus on helping organizations of all sizes, from any country, to accelerate their success. With my 20 years of experience I help entrepreneurs and managers to develop business plans, analyze market potential and think about the most profitable go-to-market strategy.

My Business DNA

I grew up in a family owned business, surrounded by entrepreneurs, learning at a young age how to manage a business, but more importantly, what not to do. I started my own business when I was 16 and was quickly attracted by innovation and new technologies. So I jumped into the digital media world where I became a digital transformation expert and where I learned all the possible challenges you can face when you try to innovate in a disrupted industry. I learned, I built, I tested, I failed, I re-learned, I re-tested and I succeeded.

Drive and determination were my mantra, key attitudes that a prosperous entrepreneur must embrace.

is my passion

I’m passionate about creating new business models, learning about new industries and discovering new cultures. I studied international business in France, built diverse business plans in several countries and launched multiple digital projects in Canada. My first playground was in Europe where I started my consulting mandates and I spent the last year traveling and developing projects in South America.

For me, “big idea” has no geographic limit, only potential customers
to conquer.